365 Objects Of Design, In the Light, Volume II

Objects of Design #244: Clamp on Brass Task Lamp

31st October 2013
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brass task lamp by uniche interior furnishings

We end this series of Objects of Design with this beautiful task lamp which does, as they say, tick all my boxes. The mix of brass, wood and a chunky clamp makes it a real piece of industrial glamour.


brass task lamp detail

It is available from one of my favourite stores Uniche Interior Furnishings, but, more than that, it was designed by Laura Lane, co-owner of the store so it’s exclusive to them and, I’m guessing, reasonably limited edition.


clamp detail

She told me it was originally designed for a Ted Baker instore project and they decided to put them into production.


The only thing stopping me from buying it this instant is the small matter of not having a desk to clamp it to as I tend to work from the kitchen table. On the other hand, I may just buy it anyway ready for when I have found something to fix it too. The mix of materials is just too lush for me pass up.

brass task lamp by uniche interior furnishings

brass task lamp by uniche interior furnishings

What do you think?


UPDATE: I so am buying one. I’ll find somewhere to clamp it. I’ll add a picture when it arrives.


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  • manasi 1st November 2013 at 9:40 am

    i adore it .. it is so me too! i am buying it.

  • Julia Pockett 31st October 2013 at 9:45 am

    Great lamp and those look like my lovely Luna Design Frames on the wall behind! Made in Capetown from recycled wood collected by the homeless of the city – each one is unique making it a wonderful display for your family photos.

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