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On My Radar: What’s New In Interiors this Month

23rd June 2021
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This month there is a lovely selection of newness from bedding and rugs to furniture so all in all it’s a good round up that would allow you to entirely furnish a new room or zhjujh (no I can’t spell it either but you get the idea) up the accessories in an existing one.

linen bedding collaboration with John Lewis & Partners and Mother of Pearl

linen bedding collaboration with John Lewis & Partners and Mother of Pearl

We start with this bedding which is part of a new collaboration between John Lewis & Partners and Mother of Pearl. And yes we starting with the bedroom because at the time of writing the 17yo didn’t get in till 3am and mothers of small children getting up super early I hear you, but at the other end being unable to sleep because you don’t know where they are is a whole different thing. And now he’s back and in bed, where he will no doubt remain until midday, I’m feeling that I too would quite like a lie down!

linen bedding collaboration with John Lewis & Partners and Mother of Pearl

linen bedding collaboration with John Lewis & Partners and Mother of Pearl

Anyway, this gorgeous bedding would be a good place to do it. Designed by Amy Powney, of Mother of Pearl, it’s the most sustainable range that John Lewis has ever created. The collection includes organic cotton and silk (eye masks), which are grown without the use of pesticides, as well as linen which is GMO free and watered without artificial irrigation. The other really great idea is the packaging which is a small fabric envelope that can be repurposed as a cushion. Prices start at £30 rising to £180.

Cross my Palms Pink Rug - by Matthew Williamson

Moving to rugs and the designer Matthew Williamson, whose house tour you can see here, has now entirely left his fashion days behind him and, as well as a fabulous collection of vintage lamps and shades, tableware and furniture, has now added rugs to his collection. Prices start from £395 and you can see the full collection at The Rug Retailer.

Atlas Sky Blue Rug - by Matthew Williamson (1)

Atlas Sky Blue Rug – by Matthew Williamson (1)

Cross my Palms Pink Rug – by Matthew WilliamsonEach one is made from a mix of wool and viscose (which makes them more hardwearing) and comes in a variety of sizes from runner to large 2m x 3m. They are available from The Rug Retailer.

furniture from bound concept

furniture from bound concept

A new online store for you now. Boünd Concept sells high end sustainable products some of which are designed in house and others which are sourced according to their principles of good design and lasting products. It’s investment for life so apply the usual rule – can you think of either three rooms where it could be useful or three ways in which you might be able to incorporate a piece into your home seamlessly and usefully.

furniture from bound concept

This is also one of those stores where you have to look beyond the effortlessly cool styling and really think about fitting it into your own home. That said there are lots of great accessories – rugs, bowls, coat hooks etc as well as the big ticket items and some names you might recognise such as Frama and Norr11 as well as new ones for you to discover.

Bound Concept is based in Belfast and run by two women; Natalie Davies and Tara Tallon, whose aim is to create a store that combines up and coming and emerging designers with more established brands. If you like simple, clean and understated then this one’s for you.

liba watering can from beut

liba watering can from beut

Another new store, which also stocks a wide range of designers and is often the first to bring them to the UK, Beut has a more colourful, dare I say eclectic feel to it. Based in Bath, there is a mix of design classics and pieces you might not have seen before. Between Boünd and Beut I’d say you’re quite well covered.

I hope that has been useful and led you to some new discoveries. I’ll be back tomorrow with a round up of the new episode of the podcast which includes a segment on what, according to an American website, insanely stylish people have in their homes.

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  • Allison 23rd June 2021 at 10:58 am

    I love your window prop Kate – just what I do! 😁
    The colours in this post are gorgeous and I love the JL bedding.
    I am trying to buy some large modern garden planters like in that Beut photo – I’ve not found anything nice at Ikea and the other usual places. Can you suggest anything that doesn’t cost hundreds of pounds?

  • Liz 23rd June 2021 at 10:57 am

    Aww, I feel I have to stand up for the burnt orange thing – I quite liked it though not my colour. A chaise is perfect if you have a big hall – sit on the end to get shoes on and off and dump all your coats and bags on the other end most of the time – or whip them into cupboard if guests arriving and voila, a stylish hallway.

  • Lenore Taylor 23rd June 2021 at 7:59 am

    The polka dot linen bedding is wonderful. I want to dive in that bed. On the other hand, what the H is that burnt orange thing from Bound Concept. Is it a statement piece? If so, my statement is, neither fish nor fowl, it is useless. Cheers from Canada!

    • DrS 23rd June 2021 at 8:26 am

      Looks like a chaise longue.

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