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4th May 2023
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This week on the show we are looking at a common issue that is often raised by you all both here and on the podcast questions and that is how to blend old and new. Granny Core may be all the rage on Tik Tok but for those of us on the other side of 30 (possibly even 40) it’s a little too real to be ironic.

And yet it’s a real issue. You might have inherited some furniture from your actual Granny. You might have bought antiques from someone else’s Granny and there’s an art to blending that much loved heavy Victorian sideboard with a modern sofa or to arranging a roomful of vintage and secondhand pieces that does look too “junk shop”.

This was definitely a consideration when I was working on the flats in Mayfair (pictured here).


When designing these flats in St James, I worked with Obbard to source as much antique, vintage, and sustainable pre-loved furniture and rugs as possible.

So this week Sophie and I are taking a look at all the ways you can incorporate old and new and make it look purposeful and cool and, crucially, like you meant it rather than you ended up with it.

Try using modern fabric on vintage chairs to bring them up to date – I used Orla Keily’s jade spot fabric on these Halabala chairs I found on eBay

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  • Zoë 6th May 2023 at 12:03 pm

    Hi Kate – love your colours! Can you tell me where you sourced the rugs shown in these images? I have a heavy Persian rug in my sitting room but I’m craving something lighter, creamier, plaster-pinkier… thank you!

  • Bianca 4th May 2023 at 12:04 pm

    Such an important topic and it’s not always so easy to combine the old with the new. It can easily look cluttered or disharmonious.

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