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7th March 2012
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by Duffy London


The idea of painting a wall in blackboard paint in the kitchen is fairly ubiquitous now. I have moved on to the downstairs loo (which makes for interesting reading the morning after a dinner party) but this table is also a good idea. Yes, you can use it for shopping lists (yawn) but better for impromptu games and possibly even your date’s phone number. Just make sure to rub it off before the next date arrives.




Made from powder coated steel, this will add a witty touch to your sitting room. I have written about Susan Bradley’s fabulous outdoor wallpaper before and the creep shelves have appeared in many an interiors magazine. She is committed to promoting and using British manufacturers.



In contrasting colours of grey and taupe, this table can be kept together or separated into two L-shaped pieces. It’s also handy for storage – often the coffee table is so full of junk that there isn’t even room for the proverbial cup of coffee. It’s made from painted engineered wood. Made, in case you were new to this company, orders direct from the manufacturer, cutting out the middleman – in this case the High Street – which is why the prices are so reasonable. I have bought two chairs from them and was impressed by the quality.



I love the products from this company and this rounded table is particularly pleasing. Everything is made at the back of the shop using a digital router. The company holds no stock and everything is made to order which takes about three weeks. You can choose from either white, oak or walnut finishes. This is the most expensive dark finish. White and oak will be £105 and £125 respectively.



From blackboard to slate, this low table with its solid oak crossed legs would work in either contemporary or traditional settings. And given that so many people tend to sit on the coffee table anyway, this is at least sturdy enough to handle them.



And let’s finish with a flurry of colour. This set of three tables are made from painted wood and they all fit inside each other so they don’t take up much room. Perfect for resting a cup of tea or a glass wine when you have guests. It’s also a Fairtrade product.

Or what about this:


£12,500 but at 235 million years old that works out a one thousandth of a penny for every year of its existence.

The most expensive coffee table in the world?

view from above

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