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It’s the next instalment of Mad Men tonight and those interiors are still looking as fabulous as ever. While the fashion magazines tell us where to get the clothes, here, for those of you who are looking at the houses, are some ideas on how you can replicate the look at home.

Roger Sterling in his office surrounded by design classics
Artemide Nesso table lamp from £225
Roger in front of his Bridget Reilly painting
Flos Arco Floor Light by Achille Castiglioni from £1,615
saarinen coffee table by
Don and Roger discussing what time the next drink is due
Cassina LC3 armchair from £3,858
naughtone Portion Three-seater Sofa from

Don realises he’s run out of bourbon
Kaiser Idell™ desk lamp from €740
Carl Hansen CH111office chair from
the iconic Florence Knoll sofa
Florence Knoll three seat sofa from £10,080.00

 So that’s the office done then. But it wouldn’t be Sterling Cooper Draper Price without a drink. They can often be seen quaffing from these:

Dorothy Thorpe glasses


which are Dorothy Thorpe silver-topped glasses from the 1960s. You can still track them down on Etsy and Ebay but they sell fast. I did manage to snaffle a pair a couple of years ago as a Christmas present, but it took several attempts and the bidding was going mental. In the end I succeeded on Etsy where there was a fixed price and a bit less frenzy. On the other hand, you can just buy these from good old Marks & Spencer, which I also have, and are very pleasing to hold and, well, basically cheap.

Barrel Tumbler £3.50 from

Oh, and finally, you didn’t think I’d forgotten did you?

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    1. I missed that sofa on the last episode and repeated attempts on google have failed to locate a picture of it. Am taking a punt that it might have looked like this, only this is not turquoise clearly. Or this or this in green. And finally this can be covered in turquoise.

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