Postcard from the Podcast: 100th Anniversary Episode

Today’s postcard from the podcast celebrates our 100th episode. Sophie and I take a walk down memory lane and look back at some of the highlights from The Great Indoors. We started in October 2018 by pronouncing the death of grey, went on to ban white paint and poked around the homes (and fridges) of many celebrities including Fearne Cotton, Kelly Hoppen and Pearl Lowe as well as discussing the issues around the lack of diversity within the interiors industry. We love making this show and hope you will enjoy this hour long special issue devoted to our best bits. So have a listen here and find out if some of our design predictions have come to fruition.

Now what shall we talk about in the next 100 shows?




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Maria Masri

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  1. Love the podcast, especially appreciate the honest opinions compared to the usual gushing interior magazines, very refreshing.

  2. I would love a truly “deep dive” into how to deal with the modern “Bovis Home” type house. I’m about to move from a Victorian home which I gutted and renovated to a 1990s house. Everything I’ve learned/applied to this characterful home I’m leaving doesn’t seem to “fit” with the box house I’m moving to. I don’t want to create a pastiche, nor do I want super-cool, super-modern. And I suspect that my new house is more like most people’s homes.

  3. I would love for you to discuss:
    1. The color brown with wood furniture. Is it possible to do (well) and what to think about when doing it.
    2. Art. How to display, contemporary art vs older stuff, frames or no frames on wall art. Color on wall should that match or contrast? Small pieces vs larger objects, what to think about. Wallpaper and art?
    3. How to think when transitioning between styles or color palettes. How to bridge not done rooms with the newly decorated rooms. Possible or not?

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