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Postcard from the Podcast (122)

Welcome to the last episode of The Great Indoors Podcast before we take a summer break. This year we have moved from twice a month to weekly and we hope you are enjoying all the extra content. As a final show before we take to the sun lounger we have done a deep dive into

Postcard from the podcast – Henry Holland

There’s no doubt that lockdown changed many of us but for British fashion designer Henry Holland, it led him towards a whole new career. Turning away from his iconic graphic fashion brand in search of a slower pace Henry has pivoted to pots. Every piece is handmade in the London studio and mainly made to

Postcard from the podcast – Style Surgery

Should you put off your dream renovation plans while you save up and have to make do with something you don’t love in the meantime and why colour blocking isn’t just for babies. In our monthly style surgery, we help listeners with their personal design dilemmas. From procrastinating over plans to build a dream kitchen

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This week we are excited to be chatting with the king of colour himself, ceramist and designer Jonathan Adler who was in town to open his new store at 91 Pelham Street, London, SW7. Sadly, time and tech being what they are, we were only able to interview him over Zoom rather than in person

Postcard from the Podcast (117)

It’s podcast day and today @sophierobinsoninteriors and I dive under the duvet to explain how the design of your bedroom is vital for the best rest and recuperation. With more data coming out every year on the importance of sleep to our health, happiness, and longevity, it’s time to plump your pillows and get serious.

Postcard from the Podcast: Style Surgery (113)

Welcome to our monthly Style Surgery on The Great Indoors podcast. It's the episode where we tackle all your design dilemmas and give you the answers you've been itching for. From updating a little boy's room to make it fit for a toddler, how to bring some warmth to a dark Dallas kitchen to finding

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Home: The Way We Live Now book cover
This week we are reviewing the latest interiors books releases including mine! As I may have mentioned this comes out next Thursday but if you feel like pre-ordering that is always enormously helpful for authors as the more pre-orders the more promo the sites will give it and the more visibility it has. Here is a video

Postcard from the Podcast: 100th Anniversary Episode

Today's postcard from the podcast celebrates our 100th episode. Sophie and I take a walk down memory lane and look back at some of the highlights from The Great Indoors. We started in October 2018 by pronouncing the death of grey, went on to ban white paint and poked around the homes (and fridges) of

The Great Indoors podcast postcard

On today's episode of The Great Indoors podcast, we’re swapping builder horror stories! We all know how it feels to put so much trust into a tradesperson and get let down. Listen to the full episode here, as we share our own experiences -and yours- and discuss the best ways of selecting just the right

How to plan a tiny bathroom (and we mean tiny)

I have shared my tiny bathroom reno on these pages before but Sophie and I discuss this in more detail on the podcast today following a recent survey revealed by our sponsor Geberit that found that the average new build bathrooom in the UK measures 4.4m square. Mine is a square 2m x 2m while

Colour Psychology: How Our Tastes Change With Stress

red brick wall, neon wall light, modern neutral sofa and berber style rug. The loft space at
Did you know that people in transitional or stressful situations will often create extreme environments around themselves, according to a white paper by a professor of colour science at Leeds University. Professor Stephen Westland, produced a report into our emotional reactions to colour for our podcast sponsor Harlequin and I have to say this line

How to Buy at Auction

Red dining chairs, large wooden table in walled garden. Merchant & Found table with 1950s vintage original French Olix cafe chairs £675 for six
It's podcast day today and it's a good'un. Useful too. Sophie and I discuss garden furniture and how the key to getting it right is to take in the indoors out - sofas and lamps rather than deck chairs that collapse on you. Think about creating an outdoor sitting room and you're on the right

A house tour with Sophie Ellis Bextor

home of sophie ellis bextor image by kate watson-smyth
A treat for you this week as Sophie and I actually got out of our duvet dens to meet and record the podcast in person and we were thrilled to be able to tour round the home of Sophie Ellis Bextor, who lives with her husband, Richard Jones, also a musician, and their five sons.

Blinds, Curtains and Voiles – all about Window Treatments

two sets of ready made curtains sewn together will give a more luxe feel to a window, image by alun callendar of Sophie Robinson's house
There's no getting around the fact that dressing windows is an expensive business. So on this week's podcast Sophie and I dived in to sort out your Romans from your Londons and your rollers from your pull-ups to help you decide what you should do with your windows either to protect your privacy, prevent the

The Hottest New Interiors Books Reviewed

Image from Every Room Should Sing by Beata Heumann (Rizzoli)
Back with a new series of the podcast and this week we are reviewing three of the newest interiors books, two of which are published today. Elsewhere in the show, which for this series is sponsored by Harlequin, we discuss scented candles – expect strong opinions there and whether you should unconservatory your conservatory. Do

An Interview With Salvage Hunter Drew Pritchard

pale green panelled wall, antique mirror and statue, faded floral button back armchair by Drew Pritchard for Barker and Stonehouse
This week on the podcast I interview Drew Pritchard, an architectural antiques dealer, on turning his passion into a career both on and off-screen. As the star of TV’s Salvage Hunters, Drew says it’s all about the thrill of the chase rather than the selling of his finds. He shared his tips on shopping for

An Interior Design Masterclass with Nicola Harding

The Mitre by Nicola Harding & Co
Nicola Harding is one of my favourite interior designers. It was her work that I referenced when I first noticed the importance (and joy) of bringing a disrupter colour into every scheme and she is also fully committed to being as sustainable as possible in her work. So I was thrilled when she agreed to

How To Cope with Lockdown in a Small House

pink and green kitchen at sophie robinson house
A post in two parts for you today as part of the show notes for the latest episode of the The Great Indoors podcast which is out today. We spoke to Julia Samuel, a psychotherapist, whose book This Too Shall Pass, came out (with uncanny timing) last March. She specialises in bereavement counselling and dealing