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10 Beautiful Rooms: Warehouse Home

88 illustrator Sara Bergman, Stockholm credit Kristofer Johnsson
I met Sophie Bush about four or five years ago. "I'm thinking of starting a blog," she told me. "What's stopping you?"I asked, having only recently set up The Mad House. Sophie muttered about preparing and getting ready and more preparing and then I apparently said to her (I have no memory of this bit):

Warehouse Home Second Capsule Collection

Six months ago I brought you the first exclusive look at a capsule collection of furniture and homewares launched by Warehouse Home, the publishers of a bi-annual magazine and blog. That collection, which you can see and buy here was a huge success and the team have brought together a new group of designers and pieces

My Warehouse Home Collection

As the world of blogging gets ever more crowded, some of us have had to think of ways to earn a living that aren't just about sticking big banner adverts all over our carefully designed sites. After all, there's nothing worse than spending your days writing about good design and then sticking a dirty great

The Househunter: Designer Rachel Chudley’s Home

No film this week as we have a real interior designer's home to visit and one of my favourites at that. Rachel Chudley has featured on these pages before and her home - a live/work space in a converted stable (all words to make the boldest interior designers quake a little in their boots) -

The Househunter: A stunning warehouse conversion

Time for a full on fantasy Friday I think. If the week's news has got you down then come on over and let's go for a poke around this fabulous, huge warehouse conversion and you can imagine filling it with all your fantasy furniture and family as well. And speaking of being down, I found

The Great Outdoors: An interview with Arit Anderson of Gardeners’ World

A life in Pattern by Anna Spiro
Today we are in The Great Outdoors for the latest episode of the podcast and not only are we outside but, after a year of trying, we managed to meet up with Arit Anderson, presenter of Gardener’s World, designer at Chelsea and writer and podcaster herself at Growing Greener. We met in Regent’s Park and

The Househunter: Low Beams in Milton Keynes

It's Fantasy Friday again and we're looking at the property market to see what we might buy or be inspired by this week. So far this year we have been to a palatial property in south London, a 60s terrace (complete with serving hatch and short curtains) and now we are heading to a low

Re:mix – One Company Tackles the Waste Paint Issue

I promised you more detail on the Little Greene Re:mix collection and so here, hot off the press as it launched yesterday, we are. For those of you who wanted to see other eco paints in last week’s post please do add them to the comments – as I said we couldn’t cover everything but

Eco Paint: What Do You Need To Know?

glazed pantry doors by berdoulat painted in edward bulmer london brown
This week on the podcast, Sophie and I have done a fairly deep dive into eco paints. She was mostly enraged that there is no industry standard and everyone does what they want so we have looked into the subject in more depth to try and understand what's what and what you need to know.

Top Ten Trends for 2022

farrow and ball colours of the year 2022 schoolhouse white image by JAMES MERREL
It’s the last podcast of the current series and today we are talking about the top ten trends following the announcement of the Dulux Colour of the Year. Remember you don’t have to follow trends unless they are right for you and this is partly why we have identified 10 as they range from pale

On My Radar: Interiors News

vinyl wrapped fridge at
Some lovely new ideas and shops for you this month with a variety of subjects so hopeful, as always, that there is something for everyone. First up Fridge Wrapping. For those of you who aren't on Instagram I recently decided to disguise my huge (and I thought) ugly stainless steel fridge by having it wrapping

Beautiful Rooms: Monday Inspiration

Black kitchen cabinets, large windows with natural linen curtains and wooden dining table and chairs by Neptune.
A round up of pictures that have caught my eye over the last week. And one of the things that struck me, after I had decided on the final five, was that three of them are product shots and so I got to thinking... you know the rest but actually if you like SATC you

The most popular interior styles of 2020

Vintage (Shutterstock - Pavlovska Yevheniia)
Now this dropped into my inbox a couple of days ago and I thought it might be fun to share; a round up of the top 20 interior design styles as evidenced by google searches so far this year. These things are often to be taken with a pinch of salt, not so much for

Beautiful Rooms: Bathroom Special

green tiles at soho warehouse
These Mondays do seem to rush round fast don't they? So here we are again and I thought I would do a bathroom special this week. I see so many wonderful bathrooms and they're all so different and yet it's a room that we all have so it's good to have a look at lots

Six of the Best: Striped Duvet Covers

Organic Pyjama Stripe Duvet Cover ORGANIC PYJAMA STRIPE DUVET COVER from toast
I have loved mattress ticking for as long as I can remember - and actually slept on it for years at boarding school - but when, a few years ago, I decided I wanted some for our bedroom there was none to be found. Suddenly now it's everywhere though so I thought I would include

New Book Reviews and Minimalism v Maximalism (podcast notes)

Kate Watson-Smyth and Sophie Robinson review three new interior books, shown here on Kate's side table for the Great Indoors podcast. #podcast #thegreatindoors #madaboutthehouse
I spoke earlier in the week about how to revamp your home without spending any money (see previous post) as part of that new year feeling which is always such a big part of September. Another marker of the start of the season is the release of new interiors books. Sophie Robinson and I discussed

Do Less Harm: The Directory is Launched

Mad About The House's Kate Watson-Smyth launches the Do Less Harm Directory. Aimed to help us find and support companies reduce their impact on the planet. #dolessharm #madaboutthehouse #katewatsonsmyth #
The Do Less Harm Directory is live. And you will notice that it's far from complete. Hopefully it will never be complete until we can add every company making anything to do with the home but in the meantime I wanted to launch it so you could start to see what it looks like. At

Modern Icons: The Togo Sofa

image of dunbar wharf via mywarehousehome
It probably won't have escaped your notice that the 70s are creeping back into fashion. The high street is full of earthy tones and corduroy fabric and, as I have observed many times before, where the catwalk leads the cushions will follow. Only in this case I think it's come full circle from the cushions

The Househunter: Room by Room

At the time of writing there is sun in the sky and blossom on the very early cherry tree so this week we are going up to a rooftop warehouse conversion with a view of the City. Coming? This light-filled three bedroom penthouse in Fulham, south west London, is on the market with The Modern

The Househunter: Room by Room

And there we are right back in it with a virtual visit to our first house for sale of 2019. And it's a beaut. A converted jam factory in London, it's a four bedroom maisonette (which means duplex for US readers) and is on the market with The Modern House for £1,795,000. I'm aware that