AUGUST POSTCARDS: Hidden Costs in Renovations

Budget is one of the most complicated factors when it comes to renovating. You might think you’ve got it all sewn up and then there’s an unexpected leak, or a rotten joist. This is why all the advice is that you need a contingency fund of around 10 per cent your budget to cover emergencies. But read this post to learn about some of hidden (rather than unexpected) costs that you need to plan for when it comes to the simplest of renovations. And one other cost that I didn’t include in this piece is rubbish removal. Skips are expensive and renovations generate a lot of rubbish. There’s no way round it – that rubble has got to go somewhere but in London the smallest – six yard that holds up to 40 bin bags – can cost anything from £250 – £450 for the minimum 14 day hire. And in case you think 40 bin bags is a lot my builders removed 75 bags of rubble from a hole that was 1m wide by 75cm deep so on the basis that forewarned is forearmed…

devol kitchen hobbs at shoot factory
devol kitchen hobbs at shoot factory

I included this picture as a large part of my costs went on the restoration of an internal window. All will be revealed next month. To read the rest of the post click here.


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