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August Postcards: Small Changes Big Impact

1st August 2022
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Happy August and welcome to the start of the postcards. Every year I take a break to recharge my brain and clear out space for new ideas and inspiration and while I am doing that I send you a series of postcards for posts you may have missed, or might like to see again or perhaps you ignored first time round as they weren’t relevant and now, suddenly, they may speak to you. I hope you will enjoy some of the highlights of the year so far. We’ll kick off with a post from January which, I feel sure will be useful and that’s around small changes that have a big impact.

design by drawn london (best of Houzz 2022 and 2021

design by drawn london (best of Houzz 2022 and 2021

Firstly when I say these are small ideas that is not to downgrade them – they are actually big ideas that either don’t involve much work, or might involve simply a tweak to what is already going on and which make a big difference to a room. Big. (Huge, as Julia Roberts would say). First up paint; the most affordable and transformative thing you can do for around £30 (depending on brand and size of tin). So ready for a stroll through these beautiful rooms? Read on…

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  • Redactle 19th August 2022 at 8:41 am

    I adore all of these rooms and will absolutely book that home in Porto when we can finally take a vacation. The contemporary monochrome painting in the first shot really transforms the space; previously, it may have seemed a little old-worldy. Beautiful.

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