Mad About . . . Light Switches

So how many of you have just settled for those plain white plastic boxes? Hmm, I thought so. Why? When it comes to doing up a house, the finishing touches are the most important detail. Add to that the fact that what people actually notice are the things they touch and it turns out that door handles and light switches are pretty important. Get those details right and no-one will notice if your cupboards are cheap. It’s a bit like wearing a fabulous outfit with scuffed shoes that need reheeling. No-one will notice the dress if the shoes (or worse the feet) are in a dreadful state.

So without further ado, here are some fabulous light switches.



I have these in my kitchen and they give a pleasing “clunk” when switched.



The company was repeatedly asked about light switches that would suit older homes and came up with this shabby chic version



This is the best switch if you have a feature wall



Perfect for the 1930s or 40s house


from £16.99

Match your switch to any one of 210 RAL colours


Kate Watson-Smyth

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  1. Thank you for featuring the handmade oak and chrome Shabby Chic switches. We also do a range of colours in the distinctive Shabby Chic colours, pale blues, kitchen greens, pastel pink and yellow. All individually hand made and hand painted to make them extra special.

  2. ahhhh – THIS….THIS is what I was looking for….thank you thank you!! You have NO idea how pleased I am about this particular post!! x Could you also do a post about loo seats…that’s the other issue I’m having – so pleased my light switch issue is sorted…yay!!

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