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A beautiful house in Cornwall that I am mostly going to let you wander round on your own this week. If you saw my post yesterday you will have seen that I have been working flat out with Rukmini Patel to launch a campaign to push for more diversity in interiors and I need a little lie down now. I’m so thrilled there has been such a positive response to it.

This is a collection of houses – oh yes we can all move down together – perched on the Cornish cliffs on the Lizard Peninsula which is on the market with The Modern House for £1,850,000.

Halzephron House is made up from four separate elements, three of which could draw a significant holiday rental income and the total plot, which measures around four acres, has secret gardens with amzing sea views and an expansive private amphitheatre… I mean? Who woudn’t want their own private amphitheatre?

The main house is a beautifully renovated 17th-Century building, with over 3,020 sq ft of living space. And… wait for this…. smugglers’ tunnels run under the house and all the way down to the cove below.  In the early 1900s, visitors included  A. A. Milne, J. M. Barrie and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

While I have been talking a lot about colour recently, there is a lot to be said for the simple whitewashed look and it works particularly well in Cornwall where the scenery is so spectacular. It’s like the interiors don’t want to compete.

I mean when you’ve got views of the coast and the sea from two sides of the kitchen you don’t really need to worry about what the walls look like I guess.

Although there is this fabulous space too – the orangery. If anyone needs me I’ll be here for a bit just staring into space. Especially as it seems to be raining now and for evermore according to my weather app.


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  1. Oh Lordy… that’s stunning. Even tho I love colour (in Art n Accessories) I absolutely have a gut reaction To a total white interior, a hangover from living in Spain for a bit. Rough plastered White Walls are so calming 😌
    Gorgeous. Thanks for sharing this Kate. Brightened my day 😀

  2. I love this one. The white ties the whole look together – Because it’s been built and added to over many years it could look a bit muddled if it hadn’t been decorated so thoughtfully. I can imagine arriving here on a Friday evening, dropping my bags and decompressing. I’ll take it!

  3. It’s wet oop North too! Although there is a glimpse of sunshine as I read this ! I loved reading about your brilliant initiative with Rumi and it’s brilliant to see so many brands I love already jumping on board. This house….yes please! We’ll see you there! We’ll take one of the smugglers caves if need be! Oh to be beside the seaside once more!

  4. Kate , I admire you greatly … the work you are doing with Rukmini in relation to diversity is fantastic . ..keep up the momentum…..don’t let it run out of steam .

    Hello from a grey and wet Dublin .

  5. This ☝🏻floats my boat in every way – love it! Thanks for sharing it with us.

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