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Mad About … Monochrome

5th November 2012
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Far from being stark, monochrome is one of the most versatile ways to decorate a room. Keep the background simple and throw in pops of colour with cushions, rugs or even the larger pieces of furniture. Then, when you’re bored you can easily mix it up again. For that reason, this week, we are mad about monochrome.

from apenthus.blogspot.com via pinterest

The great thing about sticking to a monochrome palette for the walls and floors is that it’s a) classic and b) easy to introduce pops of colour that you can change when you’re bored.

strictly white wine only, from take a seat via pinterest

So it’s handy for children and teenagers who change their minds frequently. Look at this black and white child’s room with its cityscape on the wall. With a change of furniture this decor could last until they leave home

from Charlie Reeder via Pinterest

It’s great for sitting rooms where you can change cushions and rugs to go with the seasons.

from mydeco.com

And, of course, it’s always good in kitchens and bathrooms where you can add colour with towels and crockery.

from decorators notebook via pinterest

So now that you’re, hopefully, feeling inspired to try this look out, what’s about?

miles charcoal rug £256 from mydeco.com

Taking it to extremes imagine this with some lime green cushions. Or bright pink. Or burnt orange. You get the idea.

from Heals  for £2,655

Or this rather fabulous grey sofa from Italian firm Zanotta

Delta sofa available from www.chaplins.co.uk

Or dare you go bare with a neutral sofa?

the clambin from sofa.com


Sweet dreams with Alice in Wonderland

£30 from urbanoutfitters.co.uk


Well done to Stacey Sheppard for discovering these fabulous cushions on her blog

making hard things soft: stone and concrete cushions from How Are You 


Or what about this toile de jouy cushion from Little Paris 

cushion toile de jouy from Little Paris


This lamp is a perfect example of the power of monochrome with a pop of colour

handpainted table lamp from Oka Direct £155


The Rand rug from Ikea will always look grand (sorry)

Rand from Ikea costs £100


And the fabulous Mini Moderns have just added these cotton dhurries to their range: monochrome with splashes of colour added for you in soft orange.

harvest orange zig zag from minimoderns.com £295

And finally, I just love the Indonesia range from Suki Cheema

Suki Cheema’s Indonesia range





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  • ZAHRA 6th April 2013 at 3:16 pm

    I love this, its so clean and striking!! I love to wear monochrome (its a slight obsession) and thought it might be a step too far to introduce it into my home…but forget that!! its gorgeous!! there is also a really lovely blog about this on http://www.camerich.co.uk as i am thinking of going for modern white L-shape sofa….white sofa?!? asking for trouble! thanks for your blog! its fab!

  • Lesley Carr 8th December 2012 at 6:33 pm

    Monochrome neutral colours are brilliant as the back drop for any room – leaves a blank canvas to paint on the individual personality of the owner. Works so well in kitchens – they stay up to date for ever, just by adding in the fashionable splashes of colour when ever needed. Wish I could add in photos here to show what I mean. This link takes you to a totally white kitchen, but with plenty of added colour from the families belongings. https://www.bulthaup-winchester.co.uk/luxury_kitchen_design.html

  • Lizzie Owen (@mim_tweeta) 5th November 2012 at 3:44 pm

    LOVE….especially the gorgeous Mini Moderns – amazing…

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