AUGUST POSTCARDS: Clever ways with paint

Taking this moment to reshare some of the painting ideas for Italy as there have been a couple of updates since I posted this. I will be sharing the full journey so far on Wednesday for those who haven't seen what has been going on. And, all things being well, by the time the blog

AUGUST POSTCARDS: What to buy when you rent

A perennial subject but one that feels particularly apposite for August as my younger son is flat-hunting for his second year of university  - not that there will be money left over for furniture mind you, but given that most of us start (and these days may finish) in rented accommodation it's worth knowing a

AUGUST POSTCARDS: A Palace in Peckham

Not literally a palace but it's a big house and it was a great example of using bold colour so I thought it would be interesting to revisit for our fantasy Friday househunting where, for those who are new, we ignore the price and look into the design and layout of a real house that is

BOOK EXTRACT: Thoughts on Renting

Katherine Ormerod has made over her rented kitchen using vinyl, paint and new shelving.
As the 19yo tries to find a student flat to rent in north London for the next year of his degree, our thoughts have turned to that sector of housing and I thought I would share an extract from the book today.   Home: The Way We Live Now small home, work from home, rented home